Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Crystal Castles - Amnesty - Album Review [18th June 2016]

[2016.06.18] Tom Hollingworth, for NARC Magazine.

Crystal Castle’s fourth album Amnesty further embraces the bitter-sweet side of their nature. Though the riotous skewed banging aspects of their debut (and follow-ups) are still hinted at in tracks like Enth and Concrete, compositional choices are more reigned in here, and an ever slicker production makes this latest record their most comfortable listening long-play experience. New vocalist Edith Frances’ gentler delivery compliments this direction too.

Though Amnesty veils Crystal Castle’s more unpredictable aggressive expressions, their melodic artillery that delivers the agony and ecstasy is promoted to the frontline. This coherent playlist builds from melancholic yearnings, including the single Char, to a euphoric finale - the bliss of Kept, and then the sweat and morning reality of Their Kindness Is Charade.

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