Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hauskonzert #19 - Live at The Old Police House, Gateshead [18th December 2013]

[2013.12.18] Tom Hollingworth, for NARC Magazine.

For the launch of his latest album, An Air Swept Clean of All Distance, Rhodri Davies transformed The Old Police Station in Gateshead into a house of sound.

Each of his curated acts for Hauskonzert #19 occupied a different room, and the visiting audience were encouraged to each in turn to explore the next part of the night’s story.

Davies and Richard Dawson started proceedings gently, improvising kneeled over a jumble of instruments laid out on the carpeted floor.

Following downstairs, Hapsburg Braganza (Phil Begg) painted a warm sonic picture from his Modular Synthesisor; blossoming waves of sound patiently revealed in the unlit room.

On the top floor, Yeah You provided a contrasting energy, as the duo mixed vocal drones, speech and screams over and around gripping beats.

Finishing in the space where the evening began, Davies holds every eye and ear as he performs, now solo, with his harp. The dexterity and stamina of his fingers remained undefeated throughout the performance, though the compositions often required continuous, ferocious motion. His explorative cycles of sound cocooned everyone in the room. To this house-majority of passionate musicians watching, his performance was an awe inspiring testament to the echelons reachable through creativity, backed by commitment.

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