Friday, 8 November 2013

The Cosmic Dead / Pigs x7 / Haikai No Ku - Live at The Head Of Steam, Newcastle [8th November 2013]

[2013.11.08] Tom Hollingworth, for NARC Magazine.

'Life is a journey, not a destination,' wrote Ralph Emerson, and the faces downstairs at The Head of Steam feel this; music is not about waiting for premeditated stunts and hits; it's about emersion and trusting oneself to interact completely with sound in the moment.

HaiKai No Ku start up; the trios tracks routed in Beckettian reinvention. Pieces often made from three chords, with the wah-wah out swinging, higher and stronger with each variation. A couple in the front row throw their bodies in sync with each protruding beat.

Next, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs embark on their fairy tale, 'The Wizard and the Seven Swines.' Showcasing this track, released in collaboration with the headline act, Pigs x7 take us from steady skipping grooves to heavy riffs, whilst their drummer's facial expressions react vividly to all the changes, and their singer wanders through the band on stage like he is lost in a maze and is roaring in desperation.

After some technical difficulties, The Cosmic Dead resurrect and raise the energy even further, manipulating wonderful sounds from a Korg synth, at first over steady quantised maneuvers and then diving in amongst all kinds of rhythmic geography. Finally, as guitars are hung up on the pubs avatar at the back of the stage, with the final chords resonating, all minds are left racing.

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